Festival Guidelines


Actively incorporate audiovisual works into the values education in the curricular project of each educational center.


Foster students’ interest in audiovisual arts as a positive formula for using their free time, also developing their potential as a source of information and cultural enrichment.


Motivate and reward the creativity of future professionals in the Spanish audiovisual industry.


The School and University Festival of Audiovisual Arts, in its 9th edition, has a duration of one school year.

Productions can be submitted from the start of the call, September 30, 2023, until its closure on June 30, 2024. Nominees will be chosen by the Festival Selection Committee, and the jury will decide the winners.
Productions can compete in different sections:

International (educational centers outside Spanish territory)
Musical Interpretation and Composition
Video Dance
Fiction Short Film
Animated Short Film
Music Video
Video Game
Special Education
Infant Education
1st Primary Cycle ———– (6-8 years)
2nd Primary Cycle ———– (8-10 years)
3rd Primary Cycle ———– (10-12 years)
1st ESO Cycle —————– (12-14 years)
2nd ESO Cycle —————– (14-16 years)
High School and Vocational Training Cycles (16-18 years)
University Students



Once registered and the production is sent through the festival’s website. A single center can participate with multiple productions in the same section and category.

The 10 most voted productions per section will be finalists. From the finalists, 4 will be nominated for each section by the festival’s selection committee, and the jury will determine the winners during the festival week.
Musical Interpretation and Composition:
There will be two categories: children and adults. In the children’s category, participants can be between 8 and 16 years old. In the adult category, participants must be over 16 years old.
Soloists, duos, and musical groups can participate.
Participants must submit a video not exceeding 1 minute, performing the chosen song. The recording can be “a capella,” accompanied by a live instrument (guitar or piano), or with background music in playback, as long as the voice is clearly heard in the foreground and without any retouching, mixing, or post-production. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.
Participants can perform songs of their own composition or from other artists. If they are songs from other artists, they cannot be original versions, and they must be performed as cover versions.
Participants must present a song of their choice for interpretation, and the jury will evaluate:
Stage Presence.
Vocal Range.
Interaction with the audience.
The jury reserves the right to ask participants to perform another song.
Duration of the productions: short films cannot exceed 15 minutes; reports and documentaries will have a maximum of 10 minutes, and spots 1 minute. The comic, its length cannot exceed 5 sheets on one side at double spacing. The poster is A2 in size, and the photograph is 13 x 18. Video games, educational theme, and any medium for which it is produced: console, mobile phone, tablet, computer.

Video Dance
Productions must tell a story through video dance with a maximum duration of 3 minutes, using the available audiovisual means.
The best dancers, selected by the jury, will have the opportunity to audition for Stage Entertainment, a production company for musicals such as THE LION KING, TINA, ANASTASIA, etc.

Persons or institutions with interests in the productions submitted for competition cannot be part of the Jury.
Jury deliberations will be confidential, and decisions will be made by simple majority. The Festival Director attends the Jury’s deliberations but does not participate in the voting.
Jury members commit not to publicly express their opinions on the productions under consideration before the official proclamation of the awards.
The Jury will have a Special Award at its disposal for free allocation to the production that, due to its characteristics, it considers worthy of receiving it, mentioning the motivation that makes it deserving of it.
Training centers that have received an award undertake to mention it in all advertising and press material if they want to advertise it, respecting the exact wording of the Jury’s decision and using the Festival’s logo. This logo will be available at the Festival’s offices in various languages.
Intellectual and Industrial Property:
Intellectual and Industrial Property: By accepting, the participant in the festival (or their legal guardian in the case of minors) authorizes eMove Festival to use their image, with the sole exception and limitation of uses or applications that could harm the right to honor as provided in Organic Law 1/85, of May 5, on Civil Protection of the Right to Honor, Personal and Family Privacy, and Own Image.
Authorization is considered granted for a period of 10 years. These images may be used to promote eMove Festival on the website and social networks. As well as for the company’s documentation on this event (internal documentation).
Participants in the festival will not obtain new rights other than participation in the festival by assigning their image rights, agreeing to comply with the aforementioned agreement.
Likewise, participants authorize their names and surnames to be published on eMove Festival’s social networks during the festival’s validity date, as well as for the following ten years.
The Festival will keep a copy of the nominated and award-winning productions for its archive and exhibition.
Potential buyers and sellers of the productions will be attended to by a professional team that will provide all the means and contacts to facilitate their work, including a projection room where they can view, with the prior written authorization of the producers, any productions they send to the Festival.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations. In case of conflict, the Festival Management retains its sovereignty, adhering to the FIAPF regulations regarding international film events.
Jury members, once they have seen each of the nominated productions, cast their votes and send them to the festival’s management, including a range of assessments. The result is announced through social networks and media, as well as to all participants, within the last week of June or the first week of July.
wards: The training center, the teacher-tutor of the group that has participated in the productions, and the students will be awarded.
Prizes: Diploma for the university, institute, and school; diploma and trophy for the teacher-tutor, diploma for the students.

The festival organization reserves the right to expand the prizes.

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